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MTA - packaging - hi strength tapes




Glass filament reinforced tape for light duty strapping, bundling and reinforcing. It has a synthetic rubber resin adhesive with good adhesion to most fiberboard surfaces, and a variety of plastics and metal surfaces.

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Bi-directional specialty packaging tape reinforced with continuous glass yarns in both the longitudinal and transverse direction along with a biaxially oriented polypropylene backing. The polypropylene backing provides good abrasion, moisture and scuff resistance. The adhesive is specifically formulated to provide good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including metallic, plastic, and fiberboard.

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Glass-filament-reinforced tape suitable for light to medium duty strapping, bundling, and reinforcing applications. Scotch

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High-performance transparent filament tape reinforced along its length with continuous fiberglass-yarn filaments, which gives the tape a very high tensile strength. The clear polyester backing provides excellent abrasion, moisture and scuff resistance. The adhesive is a modified synthetic rubber resin adhesive specifically formulated to provide very good oily metal adhesion performance. The adhesive also provides a balanced performance having high adhesion and long term holding power for a variety of metal working applications.

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High-performance packaging tape reinforced with continuous glass-yarn filaments that give the tape very high tensile strength and low stretch. The clear 3M

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